If Truth Be Told

So now, here you are;
it’s not really you;
but this is, by far,
the best we can do.

A mental image,
what we encompass;
should we do damage,
Edith, forgive us.

But, you were long gone
before we’re about;
all we can go on
that’s left, we make out.

We think you someone,
which I fail to find;
a mythical legend,
which you left behind.

I guess that we should,
to build up the best,
remember what good
and forget the rest.

If truth be told,
it’s too much a task
to undo untrue,
so let it all last.

Should someone ask us,
we’ll all say the same:
“She was so famous!”
to further your name.

We favor a myth;
let lie, inexact;
deny, or dismiss,
the truth from a fact.

So then, Miss Edith,
we all share the blame:
Fact doesn’t go with
illustrious fame.

©2016,Marvin Welborn
3 March 2016. Revised 14 March 2016; 16 May 16.

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