Summer Magic

Those deep May days, someone will say,
somewhere in Central Virginia:

     It’s the end of the month, where people will jump –
     Winter is gone from Virginia.

And boys wearing flip-flops watch girls in their gym shorts
take out their pups for short walks, from porches.

And from such enclosures, hidden by shade,
the girls think them posers, their tricks have them made,

ogling treasures for pleasures unpaid.
So much for them Lovers, unbothered, unplayed.

Sniggling pringles, as singles they stayed;
feelings won’t bite unrequited, displayed.

     Too much to the Summer do young lovers miss,
     awaiting the magic, an elusive kiss.

©2016, Marvin Welborn
28 May 2016. Revised 29 May 2016.

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