this too’s gotta go

a squirrel runs around
first up and then down

atop of an old wooden fence

where not far below
a dog is in tow

the quick squirrel
she wishes to mince

it’s back
to and fro
these two will both go

it’s seems like
some kind of a dance

a tangled web
do these two
so weave

but then
there’s just one
when all
of it’s done

the squirrel
must then take
its own leave

and the dog
will still hound
the ground
all around

it’s to chance
that the dog
will still cleave

a dog will do
what all dogs
must do

and squirrels
well they do so too

where partners
in time
and space
will all find

until every dance
is gone through

©2016, Marvin Welborn
16 June 2016

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