Meta Rhyme

Sometimes it’s hard,
So hard to find,
The right words that fall into measure.

Sometimes it’s hard
For song-sounding rhyme,
To fit all the right words

Oft times they come;
But then there are some
That fall into place
Like treasure.

At most times,
Like children,
They like to be chased –
Play hide & seek,
For pleasure.

For instance –
What rhymes with that?

Five measured beats,
Two stressed,
And three not.

And orange!
How strange!
I almost forgot –
No rhyme for a color
We wear quite a lot.

And dog spelt backwards,
Will make people mad!
What the hell!
I can tell, for the dog
It’s not bad!

To two Tutus, too –
Each word stands alone.
In which case,
To each another,
Each one, homophone.

Yet still,
It’s so strange,
That nothing rhymes orange.
All words, at times,
Are much! too much foreign.

And this brings us back
To the original origin –
Trying to find
A rhyme-word for orange.

©Marvin Loyd Welborn, 2013
Revised 24 Oct 2014.

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