Full Moon Over Hooverville

There’s a full moon
over Hooverville;

This one’s so strange,
had it been seen before?

What would be different
          about the moon now,
I can’t really say;

I’m not really sure.

It might be what said
          by old Heraclitus,
who lived in the past,
in Four-Fifty-Four:

          There never can be
          The same anymore.
          No one can see
          A thing as before.

Change! Change!
Change is the constant.

Change! for the future;
Change is for sure.

of matter
will matter as more,

as Change in the matter —

          On that, rest assure.

(Why, even the dates,
for him, we’re unsure.)

The moon here now seen?
It wasn’t before,
          by old Heraclitus,
in Four-Fifty-Four.

Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.
Revised 30 September 2016.
(Original publication and pre-revision, Union Station and Paradigm Shift; published 2012; Xlibris Press.)
Poem’s Score: 2.0

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