Sharing Shiprock

Looking across
the great San Juan Basin,
where stands
a Leviathan stone,

a shock of rock
that stands on its own;
a story behind it,
above it a dome.

The people, Dineh,
they call it a home;
Dinétah, they say,
the desert and dome.

Time hath deposit
the hulk of a stone:
A bulk in reposit,
a monolith stone.

It stands there still!
and it always will;
where much will be changed,
the rock stays the same.

A Navajo legend,
a great mighty ship,
carried the people,
to now where it sits.

Anchored to heaven,
the great monolith,
reminds us:

A great petroglyph.

An ark, once boat,
the people it brought,
from where, to here,
and then turned to rock.

Mindful, the purpose,
the reason, to share;
a vision with meaning,
of having been there.

One cannot leave
and leave it behind.
Take it, one must!
if only the mind.

And then
when seen,
somewhere afar,

one turns
to a spouse
and says:

“I have been There!”

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn
5 June 2013. Revised 30Oct16.
Poem’s Score: 3.4

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