About The Tink

The Tink


Marvin Loyd Welborn


MLS Information Science   Florida State University;

Sociology & History   University of New Mexico;

Computer Science   University of Virginia.


Currently Living in Hooville (Charlottesville), Virginia.

Born Mansfield, Louisiana on February 10, 1949.




Oct 1982 to Dec 2009

University of Virginia

 Jun 1979 to Sep 1982

Veterans Administration Hospital

 Jun 1971 to Aug 1972 · Albuquerque, New Mexico

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

1982-2010 – Retired

Florida State University – MLS Information Science

University of Virginia – Computer Science

University of New Mexico – Class of 1978 History · Sociology

Farmington (NM) High School – Class of 1967

U.S. Army – 1967-1970

4th Bde. 6th Inf. Div. 1968

RMR – USARHAW. 1969-1970


~    Poet    ~


  1. HI Marvin .. hmm Tink!!!

    I thought I would tell you I’ve looked for your poetry site for a while, and finally found it.. On linked in.. !!!.. I’m going through it now… and love your writing.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Your friend from your High School… way back there in New Mexico.!

  2. Hello Tink (I hope it’s ok to call you that)
    Thanks so much for stopping past my blog. I’m assuming that we are fellow ModPo Alumni lol. Isn’t it beautiful that we all have been brought together under the umbrella of poetry? I guess the internet is good for something after all.


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