Humming Bird

A Humming Bird!  she hovers here!
then darts in jet-like fashion.
Fast and fleet in a soundless streak,
I wonder, where keeps her bastion?
This Humming Bird’s in search of flower,
red with nectar sweet!
She stands time still, for what seems an hour,
seeking red red meat to eat.
Zipping here, then dashing there,
so flashing fast and fleet!
And should she find it anywhere,
then!  this bird she has her treat!
And always in a hovering air,
I wonder where she keeps her feet?
My slightest move will frighten her,
so silence! is the conduct I keep.
And still!
should she mutter ‘’Good morning sir!’’
even then!  I shall not speak!
For I was taught to never bestir
the lady, till first the lady eats!
©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011


  1. ‘I wonder where she keeps her feet’ made me smile. We have a lot of them in summer and they are extremely acrobatic and rather fierce about their feeding territory. Nice take.

  2. Beautiful, Tink. I’m not real sure that the exclamation marks enhance the meaning. I feel the jubilation without them, but maybe that is just me. The poetry is really lovely and well written.



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