The Goal.


A heavy encumbrance, the air of regret.

Remembrance reformed that will not forget.


What were the words that passed through those lips

in the moment of promise, as it sliently slips?


The enchantment of place, the enhancement of time,

the importance of factors retrenched to the mind.


Should I, could I?  maybe.  maybe not.

Whatever was done, and that done not,


transfigures, refigures, and carries a lot

in the baggage of memory that should be forgot.


What is done, is done – there’s always regret.

But one must move onward; the past, forget!


The moment is present, it’s here that we live.

For the present, plan ahead; the past, forgive.


To begin all anew! with life lessons attached

is the goal of the Self – individual, unique, and unmatched!




©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011



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