The Middle Road.


The Self — is it Free in Becoming or Being?

Inscribed – hard and fast – on a highway life map?

Is there more to a life we’re just not seeing?

Who’s driving?

Who’s riding?

Who’s paying attention?


Some roads are one-way, others round-trip.

I’ve seen some fall asleep at the wheel.

They are the ones that the highway entraps,

it’s the latter, to which Freedom appeals.


Reaction to impulse or overt intention,

it’s the Middle Road where you want your four wheels.

Over-correction in any direction

in Being is Becoming un-real.




©Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011



  1. yeah i have seen a few fall asleep at the wheel as well…the questions you ask are ones that fit society well these days…thanks for popping in today…


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