An advANT of ANTs
have moved in my house,
though none of them mine
nor that of my spouse.

Now I’m in accordANTs
with being quite fair,
but these tiny creatures,
my welcome they wear!

With total defiANTs
and surprise they appear,
my alimANTs, I know,
are the reason they’re here.

No compliANTs they give,
no complimANTs neither;
no assurANTs of leaving
soon enough either.

Like migrANTs they’re ANTsy,
they never stand still
and dANTs in my pANTry,
at their wANTon will.

I fear their becoming
a permanANT feature,
and I have no more patiANTs
for this relative creature.

I’m in compliANTs with consciANTs,
but I cANT take no more!
I wANT these ANTs out,
and the chANTs to restore

my independANTs from ANTs
that moved in my house,
none of them mine,
nor that of my spouse.

© Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011


  1. I loved this poem – I can definitely relate to having those dreadful ants in your house, unwelcome, disgusting little house guests. What I love most about this poem is the stylization of ANTs throughout the poem. As a reader, it felt like every once in a while you’d find another little creature as you were writing this poem and had to exclaim “ANTS!!” in frustration. That could just be me though. Great work! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. That’s so clever, how you highlighted ANTS. If I remember correctly there’s 3 of us who had ants in their poems. I think it was Claudia over at dVerse who did one too! Hmmm.


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