Confluence of Circumstance



I hold in my hand

    a leaf of the maple,


dropped twixt

    a Summer

        and Fall.


It’s colors

    have changed


to red, green,

    and orange.


None others

    to be found here

       at all.


This leaf,

    in itself,


is a leaf

    O, so special!


One leaf

    well ahead

       of its time –


The first leaf

    of it’s kind,


the first one

    to fall;


the confluence

    of circumstance,

        chaotic disorder,


it is what it is,

    is all.




© Marvin Loyd Welborn 2011

Revised 20 May 2014.


  1. Very nice, what begins as a reflection, spawned from a tactile response, really turns into a really nice finely detailed observation, which then opens up a door for some speculation. The final stanza is brilliant, absolute love it. Very good write, thanks for the read

  2. nah its more than that…its a little bit of art…and that is what i love of this season…the change, the colors….ahhh….it always takes one to leap first…

  3. The “is what it is” is very charming. You set the leaf up for its poetic moment–and then let it go! Like fall.


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