A dime for a dozen

when the weather is frozen,

on thirteen snowflakes to fall.

Yes, I count ’em all!

It’s supply and demand,

if you give a damn.

It’s Eekonomics –

so Buy, Put or Call.

I’ll bet on your failure,

I’ll hedge on success;

I’ll wager the sailor

kills an albatross.

If it’s ripe for the picking,

then your money I’m snicking;

and I’ll bet on your

eating your loss.

I’ve got no emotion.

It’s all my devotion

to making the beast that I am.

It’s the Lust to be rich

only Lucre can Scratch –

an insatiable, horrible itch.

And if the Lucre were here,

we’d both share a beer;

for I am the Devil’s best friend.

If there’s thirteen snowflakes

that fall and that’s all –

then I Win!

Ha Ha Ha Ha.

© Marvin Loyd Welborn  2011


  1. Hilarious! I bet the market may be a little dicey currently. Hopefully there is time to get out with the impending crash that might come a year from now. Things not looking well for the US and Europe now and worst by then!


  2. Eekonomics indeed (that albatross has long fascinated me). Hasn’t anyone ever heard of steady state economics as an alternative to that ‘insatiable, horrible itch’. It uses terrifying words like limits and borrows important concepts from ecology like carrying capacity. While it constrains physical quantities it put no restrictions on the growth of important intangible assets like knowledge. Sounds like a win-win that would send that devil cursing along the Street. I’ll take my soap box with me back to my blog :). Great work.


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