The Pro

‘The Pinkerton piece

says she won’t make it to 60.’

‘And what’s that?’ I ask.

‘Kerry Comitzky.’


I mean the Pinkerton piece.’

‘Dr. Pinkerton?

You know Dr. Pinkerton, of course.’

‘Of course,

But still:

What’s that?’

Such goes the banter

both back and forth;

and so go all conversations.

And who cares


This is Ohio.

The people of New Mexico

don’t care.

And so it blows,

the winds of life.

Hot air,

cold air,

meaningless tripe.

Some call it patter,

the talk that don’t matter.

Dr. Emaciation says, ‘You need to lose weight.’

The phospholipids, say: Put it on!   baby!

And everyone’s a Pro

in the field that he knows.

And mistakes are made for the others.

Get a Pro!

‘The deck needs sanding.’

‘Well, you can’t do it.’

‘Why not?’

‘You’ll just make it worse.’

Thus thinks the spouse,

’bout her husband,

a louse.


Then get a Pro.’

I gotta keep the peace, you know.




Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. sometimes getting the pro is the best route…i have a little plumbing leak i have been working on for a week…ha…fun interplay here…dr emaciation…lol…nice tink

  2. ha nice marvin…i like how you spun this…letting the conversation threads lie around with loose ends all over the place…nice..
    ..and who did you say is Dr. Pinkerton…? smiles

  3. This is such a great line: “Dr. Emaciation says, ‘You need to lose weight.’”

    And I love this section:

    “And everyone’s a Pro
    in the field that he knows.
    And mistakes are made for the others.”

  4. Irony and tongue in cheek don’t hide the serious stuff here, the disconnects of all human conversation laid out for us in their absurdity, the assumptions, the false equations. Excellent work with the prompt, and just a cool poem.

  5. nice pl;ay here ~ *smiles* ~
    happy compromise ~
    keeps the peace ~
    ‘get a pro’ ~
    waited 5 years for windows varnished ~
    about to fall out ~ but pro was called ~ at last ~ caved
    really relate ~

  6. Marvin,
    We can never win on our own steam. Our time is certainly precious, The measly job ought to be farmed out to the pro.Agreed! Excellent verse!


  7. This sounded very much like real dialogue (other than the names), which was very nice. I loved the idea of Pinkerton. K.


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