Paradigm Shift

Thursday Poets Rally Week 56 (Nov 17-23, 2011)

Autumn falls fast,
when it springs into Winter,
whilst all along Winter
is getting warmed up.

And all of this happens
so plentifully fast,
which augments the feelings
of a life moving past.

So fast!   Too fast!
Is it time moving passed?

All of these feelings of failing and falling,
that appear first tied to the Fall,
see time as a thief, slowly detailing,
underneath! —
but atop, it pulls out the pall.
Yet time is a number,
an existence that’s moot;
sans man to engender,
time bears no real fruit.
But time ‘is’ a number,
it’s a useful ideal.
Maybe — just maybe! —
it’s to number we appeal,
to the changes in moments
that everyone feels.
Maybe — just maybe! —
it’s to change that avails,
to the reasons these seasons
in feelings entail.
Take the year at its end,
which seems fastest of all,
to look ahead right then,
shows time in a stall.
Time is heuristic,
and still an ideal;
to be more specific,
perhaps change is the real.

Maybe time is a map-game,
using math to reveal
a spatial equivalence
to the changes we feel.

Some say it’s one moment
that’s just standing still —
that change in its foment,
is what time tries to steal.

Like monads in moments
and different dimensions —
these heuristic torments
inspire apprehensions,
and a paradigm shift.

But these are just comments,
and thoughts of my own,
that some say are nonsense,
from thoughts all alone.

Thoughts come to mind
at the middle age drift,
and often entwines
with a paradigm shift.
Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. A paradigm shift at middle-age drift
    Is most ideal as years of experience
    In between contributes in things positive
    As a result begets good decisions


  2. I’ve been thinking about this lately. You’ve captured my thoughts with this piece. This stood out for me:
    Yet time is a number,
    an existence that’s moot;
    sans man to engender,
    time bears no real fruit.


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