I’m tongue tied and twisted,

I’m relativisted;

now how old do you think that I am?


Oh Lordy, Lordy!

Oh to be forty,

Oh to be forty again.


They say I am qwerky,

I’m from Albuquerque!

so I’ll be quirky again.


I’m tongue tied and twisted,

wilted and wasted,

but then, I’m relativisted my friend.


Oh when I was forty,

I’d read lots of Rorty,

and he left me all tongue tied

and then,


I went to sorority,

but the girls said

”You’re over forty!”

and besides, they didn’t let in men.


Well I am over forty,

and I’m no longer brawny,

but I haven’t been bawdy since then.


But, Oh! to be forty.

or even be thirty!

then I could be quirky again.


But I am over forty,

tongue tied and twisted,

relativisted, I’m ten,

once again.





Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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