It’s suddenly Winter!

and it comes like a slap;

like splashing your face with cold water.


I’m still wearing shorts and a tee shirt,

round here.


Geez!  I’m bare!


So that’s how the cold gets started.


So    should one and all

don warm clothes to wear,

well then, Winter would never get here.




Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Made me smile! I live in Michigan where the weather changes by the minute….and always does seem to go opposite whatever the clothes that are donned.
    Really enjoyed this….stopping by from dVerse The Pub

  2. ha – if it could keep winter away i would just go and change clothes..smiles.. we still have a bit of autumn left over here..enjoying the last colors before the winter’s slap..

  3. winter definitely sneaks up! Brr…I’ve definitely experienced the slap, and I can say I don’t like it at all!!! Give me shorts, the sun, and the beach any day 🙂

    • Me too. But if we listen to the Speaker here, and everyone conspires to intercept & outsmart Cold/Winter, then it will not appear…a logical fallacy at best, but meant to bring out the humor in such reasoning.


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