Which came first: The Ego or the Id?


“A fairy tale.

Choose your favorite.’‘

That’s what the lady says.


But I don’t have a favorite.

They’re all the same;

even their differences are similar.

I suppose should I have to,

it would be one of the last;

but I can’t even tell you it’s name.


I can tell you why she like fairy tales:

their psychoanalytic meanings.

They’re building a science all around that,

and she’s an analyst of the Jungian school.


“Thar’s archetypes in them thar tales!”

and archetypes all have their meanings.


I cough and I hack from the cigarette smoke;

there’s no archetypes in that, that I know of.


I walk my dogs around the corner and back,

and I’m conscious of unconsciously being.

My ego’s the same; it’s apart of my Id,

but it won’t tell on the Id, what it did.


“Individuation is a process of self,” she then says;

and I ask her: “then what is dog walking?”


She’s lost and confused; my question has flummoxed;

and for once, I become the expert!

I’m thinking of charging for my ‘pertise,

a hundred bucks by the hour.

But, she doesn’t bite.

“Is that your conscious, or unconscious decision?”


Then! a syncretic synapsis appears:

Id’s all apart of her ego.


Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Marvin,
    Very penetrating thoughts and searching! The conscious, or subconscious .Are we into Jung and Freud. It gets into high strung abstracts. This is heavy. It stimulates. Great thoughts!



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