The “Ows” of the 99%



The traffic’s alive!

on I-95,

it’s bumper to bumper with traffic.


I’m a-cruzin’ along,

hearing my songs,

when the cop car pulls up like magic.


‘’Pull over Bud,’‘

his siren is saying,

so I turn down the sound

of the music that’s playing.


And I say when he reaches my window:


“Yes sir, officer sir,

How do you do, and what d’ya know?”


And he spoke thusly:


“You know, sir,

you’re playing

your music quite loudly,

and swaying

throughout all the lanes.


Basically, sir –

you’re erratic,

indeed, in this dangerous traffic.”


And I replied thisly:


“Well, regarding the sound,

I can turn that stuff down;

but I’d like you to know.

I pay taxes on other roads also!”


To which, said he thenly:


“And that sir is true;

but tonight, just for you,

I’m putting you up in our jail.


For you, for free –

no need to thank me,

you pay taxes for that just as well.”



(revised 03 Dec 2011)

Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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