In Medias Res


The route one takes through life

could be mapped, if one decided to.


A left turn here, a job quit,

the girl left behind, the girl married,

the child had, the house bought;

all options, choices made,

and the roads not taken.


So here we are, it’s where we are, and this is us,

in all our inglorious imperfections.

Like it or not, that’s how it is –

we choose, and we chose.


Those who were successful, played the game well;

those who were not, not as well.

And sometimes we find the cards stacked against us;

it’s then time to find another deck.

Roadblocks, loopholes, freebies, and suffering,

all of it comes with the name of the game.


Kudos for those who won in their moment,

sadness pervades for those it evades.

And in all of this flux, I’ve searched for enjoyment.

Though some will call me a winner,

comparatively speaking;

some will call me a loser;

relatively speaking.


I call myself lucky,

even through my misfortunes.

I call myself happy,

even though I’ve had sadness;

all because of what I’ve experienced –

the people I’ve met along the way;

good or bad, right or wrong;

it was the little things.


I stopped to notice the little things

along the way.

Enjoyed every smile, every joke,

every good chat, and convivial laughter.

The beautiful days, they’re all that matter.


It’s the long run, where the tally is done.

In media res, just enjoy the trip.




Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. The path sometimes is straight, other times it is bent or crooked. I suppose we have a part in its making. We decide which path to take for best results ( though wrong turns can set us back for some while)



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