What The Dog Thinks of Trees



Who else would be awake before five in the morning

just so’s to scribble some words on a paper?

(Yes, I still use pen/cil and paper.)


Another day!

Another day given me

to litter the world with words.

(Probably the best thing ever invented.)


And as I sit outside in the chilly air,

drinking tea, writing,

one of my dogs comes out

through the dog door.

I’m assuming not to write,

(He does like my doggerel, though.)

but he’s a morning dog

just as some people are morning people.


And when the sun is about to rise,

light reveals a hoary morning-scape –

Light blues and whites permeate everywhere.


Across a presence of dark silhouettes

of motley trees,

I see a neighbor’s tall pine

bent over, stooping

into another neighbor’s yard.

And I wonder if it will make it

past expected Winter,

and the expected snow.


Top heavy,

it looks bent on joining another neighbor’s yard.

The other trees pay it no mind.

Trees are not egalitarian,

their competitive,

avaricious and extremely solitary.


We should give them individual names.


My dog doesn’t notice.

We both know what he thinks of trees.

And he is far from competitive.




Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. A nice morning scene you painted here… unfortunately we don’t have pets but I do find it interesting to know that there are “morning” dogs ~

    Happy day ~


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