A Tale of Two Cities


Washington, a tongue twisting puzzle

for the poet,

of your two personas

which is true –


the government

or a mendicant?


Both are preponderant supplicants.


A generous welfare system, too.


The richest city,

the poorest town;

which of these two are you?


Tis a tale of two cities

which mocks all the pities,

your wealth and power, renown.


Power and wealth,

clandestine stealth;

What will you do with your poor?


May I therefore suggest:


For your poor in your streets,

which daily one meets,

that we simply run them for Congress.


They can pilfer it there

as well as anywhere;

and the matter of fact is –

it’s all paid for by taxes.




(revised 06 Dec 2011)

Copyright © 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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