Parts of the Blue Ridge


The Blue Ridge Mountains,

     are a part of Appalachia,

and so is Scotland,

      I’m told.


A museum in Edinburgh,

      the part of university,

has geological displays.


And part of exhibit

      shows Scotland once flowed

from Virginia to atop

      of Olde England.


      And that was just part

            of their woes.


As Angles all know,

      those Scots are so different!

a whole lot      of difference,

            those folk.


But the part I don’t get

      is why Scotland left

Appalachia in Virginia

      to start with.


Those tough Scots,

      like Blue Ridge rocks,

still like

      to paint themselves blue.


I guess that would make

      them long lost old Scots

part and parcel





© 2011 Marvin Loyd Welborn.

[Revised 01 March 2012; 15 December 2013. 28 March 2014]


    • Oh yes, Claudia…you need to. Edinburgh is a great city to visit. and, if you can, you can hire one of those up-country bus tours, which takes into into the highlands for a couple of days and back to Edinburg. Enjoy!

  1. Great history lesson, Tink. Informing whimsy. I’ve walked the Appalachian from end to end…well I actually walked both ends of it and not the bits in between. I did a read a book about hikingthe Appalachian end to end and I did read the bits in between that one.
    Mark Butkus


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