First Lesson After The Loss

After the thrashing
the wisdom is weak
and the sting of the smashing
I can’t speak.
I won’t speak.
There’s no one to talk too.
The din of the crowd
that before was so loud
in the wake
a bevy of silence.
Alone by myself
at the end of the game
I’m the last to leave in defeat.
Come ye, come all,
the crestfallen, broken,
together we share in one thing.
The loss of the game,
well it’s only a game,
a song, in common, we sing.
Resilience we share
to bounce back from there
but loss has a horrible sting.
Each start of each game
is always the same
hubris goes in procession.
One team will win,
the other will not.
What then will be our concession?
From hindsight is sought
what we ought to have taught
the first step from depression
to reason.
Life will go on
game lost or won
the second step
and the first lesson.




Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.

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