The August General


Autumn’s sprung

a season anew;

Summer’s done

in days but a few.

Raining, dripping

water not snow;

warm as it was

just hours ago.


The next day

the same day

as the day was before.


More rain,

yet more rain;

rainwater pours.


Autumn has reigned

a whole new regime;

and changed everything

to mark out his demesne.


In only one week

one season ends;

in stark marked contrasts

a new one begins.


A long dry hot Summer

was beginning to fray,

and abruptly it left

its out-welcomed stay.


Rain upon rain,

the weather is colder;

change in one week,

and all is much bolder.


Autumn’s in charge,

and coming in august

has changed all the plans

Summer had left us.


So tell me, dear general,

we’d like to know,

where is the enemy,

and who is your foe?


“Nay,” replies August,

“No enemy, no foe.”

“I’m making my plans

for the onslaught of snow.”




(revised 12Jan12)

Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.

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