There’s a Full Moon Over Jerry’s House

There’s more to the moon over Jerry’s house,
there’s much more to that moon I can say.
There’s more in a full moon over Jerry’s house,
and much more that’s really at play.
A numinous experience,
no doubt!  no doubt!
And Jerry’s a man of the cloth.
An epiphanous imperience,
I silently shout.
A sign of some sort of some troth.
A once in a lifetime
experienced impression.
Something to shout out about.
But there’s no one that’s there
to share my thoughts, here;
there’s nobody here, I fear

so I writhe in my soul, and I am at wroth,
There’s a message that’s here to share.
There’s a sign that’s shown over Jerry’s house,
it’s a message that’s shown only me.
There’s only me, and there’s nobody else;

and a sign, only once, it will be.





[Revised 04 February 2012.]

[N.B.  Imperience is a word coined by Pujya. Dr. K.C.Varadachari to distinguish it from experience. Experience is a feeling / knowledge that arise due to external / outside inputs. Imperience is the wisdom gained on contemplation on the deep states of non-concentration concentration (Absorbency).]


Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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