Jakarta’s religious, an Islamic town,

their ways are aligned with religion.


And just like religion, I’ve found all around,

the believer likes to share his opinion;

and that people all fall into one of two ranks –


     “you’re either with us, or not, on religion.”


I was there on some business, to visit some banks,

and Fridays are closed for religion.

Then one bank called me, only to say –


     “We can’t meet you; how about Saturday?”


Surprised, anyway, I said then, “Okay,”

thinking Saturdays are religious, as well.


The visit went swell, from what I could tell,

‘til lunch, when the story turned different.


It was then when I asked, wasn’t Saturday fast

held as a day that also was reverent?


     “Oh yes, it is,” said management’s lass,

     “But here, at this bank, we’re Catholic.”


And that well explained the Saturday’s meet –

for the Christian, Sunday’s dogmatic.


     “And what, if I may,” to me she then asked,

     “what religion’s beholden for you?”


Oh, I didn’t know, no particular view;

to which she replied –


     “Aha! then, you must be a Communist!


Still stunned and surprised! she then looked in my eyes

and hit me with her hard-lined dogmata –


     “We don’t like Communists, in Jakarta!”


Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.



  1. What an astonishing experience! I am trying to take it in! I know that in Israel, the Jewish businesses take Saturday off, and the Islamic Fridays, and the Christians Sundays, but being taken for a communist is altogether bizarre! I suppose there are no atheists, agnostics, spiritualists and/or humanists in Jakarta!

    Besides, since you were perfectly willing to comply with their “off-day” differences, why should it matter to them or anyone? I guess that points out why religious freedom is so necessary to a multi-cultural/multi-religious country – and it ought to be the rule universally.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Very interesting.


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