The Sound Heard Round the Common Ground

It froze first night of winter weather,
the rain and sleet and snow;
where dark of night would change
to ice, from sleet, first rain then snow.

And when the winds all blew together
the ice began to splice;
and all around was heard the sound
of crackling and breaking of ice.

It sound as rain, but I was fain
to find no water, sleet, nor snow;
but yet, instead, the winds had fed
their fingers through the flow

and broke the choke the snow had smote
on branches bearing low.
Those sounds around the common grounds –
the breaking of ice and snow.

But I was further a fain to find
the breaking of ice and snow,
to match such sounds I’d never found
to that with which I know.

Profound this sound I heard around,
the common ground a flow,
with winds to end, then send again,
this awful effect upon snow.





[Revised 01 February 2012]

Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. smiles…we had a bit of snow a few days ago…and i love how it muffles all sounds but has its very own sounds as well…and depending on how the wind plays, it can get quite spooky…

  2. ha….some really fun rhyme through out this…i cant wait to get snow…i love the hush it brings with it…and then the sounds of the ice falling…i can hear it easy….

  3. I really enjoyed the rhyme and the story of snow in this way. FYI (not important): A few things that slowed down my read:

    ? “ice began to splice” (?spice — don’t know the expression)
    ? “It sound as rain” (sounds)
    ? “fain” — I am not a fan of archaic language (poets speaking only to poets — status talk)


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