Poetry Lessons From Seaview

Poetry Lessons From Seaview


“Surely you can write

a shitty first draft!

That’s all

we’re asking    of you.”


Writing assignments

from a poetry workshop,

    on the coast

    of New Jersey,



Four days in all

    – readings, critiques, and writing reviews –

for those in their prose

    and the muse that I choose.


A Pulitzer Prize winner

in poetry walks by –

guest speaker,

first feature,

top bill.


Two inches

– Two inches! –

that’s the closest I’ll get

to a Pulitzer Prize win

    or its winner.


Fresh faces, I meet

sit around and cross tables,

    put thoughts into words

    and on paper.


Voices in need

to create and speak,

tweak out

creative expressions.


In polyglot tongues,

soul songs are sung,

in the search

for a self



The poetry lessons from Seaview sessions –

Finding corrections in (w)holy revisions.


[Revised 01 February 2012]

Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. in search of self validation…so true in that…have never been to a poetry workshop…honestly not sure i want to go to one..as i might lose a bit of myself in worrying what others really think…

  2. We do it, and we’re better and worse for the experience. We get some validation, and lose some self-esteem. We quit using perfectly acceptable words forever (like “perfectly”) because they’re adverbs and adverbs are too Angle, or Saxon, or German to be English anymore. Then years pass, and you think, I might say that’s “lovely” anyway. After all the British do!
    Loved this.


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