The girls are all here,

they’re spending the night;

and I swear,

that these girls

love each other!


Their friendships have lasted

for twenty plus years,

longer than some

have known mothers.


They’re chums,

these ones,

they’ve been long time;

then I wonder

where the chums are

of mine.


It’s amazing how time

just doesn’t stop,

but flies, forwards and faster.


When I look around

for the faces I’ve known,

their absence is a private disaster.

For faces familiar,

of friendships to me,

I find nothing quite as familiar.


And this is a lesson,

which I’m not forewarned –

keeping friends

all depends

who will be here.


The last

of the last

of my friends

from the past,


wrote me

and told me

it’s dire.


Where everyone goes,

nobody knows;

but the embers

still burn

to the fire.


The girls are still here.

There’s laughter and cheer.

They enjoy

the company

of each other.


They’re chums,

these ones,

for a very long time;

still I wonder

where the chums are

of mine.






Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. reminded me of my daughters and their friends…they have such a great time together… and friendship is something so important…sad when we lose them for whatever reason


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