The Wastrel’s Song, It Starts Out Wrong


and this is what he crooned:


I’ve reached the point of saturation,

too much becomes too little

and too little becomes too soon.


I drag my pen in desperation

and nettle the pox of gloom,

whilst the sun beats down its lovely light

in hopes of hearts to swoon.


It goes this way the entire day,

or, at least until it’s noon.


Oh! why can’t I pick up the gist,

but blunder through the boon!

Must I await until too late,

then lift my heart at moon?


Such wastefulness, distastefulness,

a blaggard and buffoon!


I need to lift my doleful drift

into a bountiful tune.


The gift of this, I should not miss,

for all is gone too soon!


So thus began this woeful tune,

I see but now, poltroon!





Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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