And then, you would call

when no one at all

would least of all

     expect it.


And again, complain

– again, the same –

The same old feeling

     of discomfit.


How life is so bad,

and how you’re so sad,

     but there’s nothing

     to be done

     about it.


How you wished

you were dead.

     – well, that’s what you said –

And with flourish

in finish

     you’d shout it.


And now, here at last,

     in time, come to pass,

you got what it was

that you wanted.


No more do you call,

and if that isn’t all,

it’s the curse

that yourself

you incanted


that haunts me yet still,

     – and forever, it will! –

it’s your loss

which still leaves me

     much daunted.


This doesn’t surcease

to give me the peace,

so I say, in some way,

     I’m still taunted.


For your spectral ghost

has me as host –

     forever, evermore,

I’m still haunted.


There’s no happy ending.

Your ghost, still pending,

     living on

even though

you are dead.


And here you shall stay,

with me      – ‘Till away!

if you call living

to be haunting

my head.





Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


  1. oh my…hard to cope with people that seem to complain always and about everything…and still after they’re long gone….the voices keep calling in unexpected moments..a host for the spectral ghost…ugh…nicely penned marvin… and congrats on the book

  2. ah we all carry those ghosts dont we…those that wont let us be…making their living off our ours…smiles…well told sir…been a while since i was over here…


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