The Matrix of Mankind’s Behavior


I don’t understand

the workings of people,

and I’m quite sure

that the Pros

don’t even know.


Oh, they map some behavior,

publish and savor,

their findings in journals

to show.


I’ve read some,

studied some,

went to school,

even majored one,

and the pros,

I can tell you,

don’t know.


They study



some generals,

then try

putting squares

in round holes.


What doesn’t fit,

they’ll just keep trying it,

on theories

from the different



Endurance, endeavor,

and nor will they ever

give up

in creating

new holes.



I don’t understand

the workings of people

when they say

that they can,

but they don’t.


Or people that swear

that they really do care,

say they will

when they obviously won’t.


I don’t understand

why some people drive

like a bat-out-of-hell

to get by.


Then, Quick!

cut in front,

to turn,

then they don’t,

Why not?

What is it?



I can’t comprehend

how some people love –

Some crave for honey,

some just for money.

Others have reasons as funny.


Honey turns sticky,

money gets tricky;

by funny

I mean really quirky.



is perforce,

the obvious course;

but as soon

as they’re through,

they’re ready to woo –


I don’t understand

how they love.


The world

doesn’t change

so much as it’s strange,

in the matrix

of mankind’s behavior.


And nobody knows

as far as it goes,

but endurance, impassion, endeavor

all appear

to make

man seem so clever.


But like it or not

that’s all that we’ve got,

and no one


man’s behavior.





Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.

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