Why I Write


I write because I have to,

the words are in my head!


I give them life, however few,

rather than staying unsaid.


I write because I want to,

a ‘have to’ I want to do.


There’s nothing else, as I grow old,

I’d rather do, instead.


Ninety-nine percent, I’m told,

of life is spent in dreams.


If truth be told, it’s manifold,

much more than what it seems.


I write because I need to,

I ‘want’ and ‘have’ to, too.


I need to feed my hungry soul,

a hole that begs to be fed.


But last – not least! – it makes me glad,

its pleasures are plentifold.


And truth be told, I’m getting old –

I write, or else I’d be dead!





[Revised 04 March 2012]

Copyright © 2012 Marvin Loyd Welborn. All Rights Reserved.


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