In the Blink of an Eye



Damn! this is sad,

now that Old Ed 

is dead.


What is worse

is the curse,

    which is bad.


In the blink of an eye,

we each of us die.


Then the last

of the past

    passes by.


And nobody said

that Old Ed was dead –


not a word

had I heard,

but I know why.


And now,

    all alone,


I am next

on the throne.


Oh, I knew

it would come,

one day soon.


All along

it was something

    I’d known.


Then sooner

    or latter,

maybe sooner is better,

if it’s sooner for me,

   let it be…what will be.


Kinetic correction

    all over.


When the young

    take control


over all that gets old,


and the plans

changes hands

    that is cold.


The familiar grows on

from the father thru son –


it’s a genetic connection

    going on.


It’s then what is surgent,

    was so damned urgent,

it’s then

when it all then

    gets gone.


The moment

    to memory

        a moment avers,


there begins a descent

    in reverse.


In the blink of an eye,

    it all passes by;


and begins

    like at the end

        of this verse.



©Marvin Loyd Welborn, 2012


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