When We Were Three



Come now.

Come and go with me.

Together we’ll walk

    round the red Maple trees.


Down past the block,

we’ll walk and we’ll talk –

Old Henry with you,

and me will be three.


We can make believe

as we used to be –

three old amigos,

back when we were three.


Oh! those sights and the sounds,

just the way that they were

when we made our rounds,

when our souls would bestir.


So come now. Please come.

Take a walk with me.

And we will pretend

like it used to be.


We’ll stop on our journey,


where you’ll smell the same flowers,


A rabbit, a squirrel,

    or a cat, you may see.

What brave little souls

on your leashes with me.


Robust, bravado,

when we three would be

on our own little journey –

our own odyssey.


So, come now. Come!

Come walk with me.

Where we will pretend

that it’s still just us three.


And Henry, now off-leash,

from both you and me,

dancing and prancing,

so merrily free.


Let us pretend 

as when we were three –

Old Henry with you,

and me would be three.




©Marvin Loyd Welborn, 2012.


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