What Will The Doohicky Do?


What now, becomes

    of the Doohicky, there?

You know the one.

It was left there one year.


Remember when

it raised up its head,

    one day back then,

and the Doohicky said:



    It’s been swell,

    but    I’m outta here.”


They were just a few words,

    but the only words said.

And, it never did leave,

    it stayed on, instead.


Now, what was the name?

    I forget, I’m afraid,

It’s one of the two,

    which sound both the same:


    I forget,

    I don’t know.


I guess it won’t matter,



now, that the Dingaling

is moving there, too.



©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

revised 26 July 2013

Poem’s Score: 1.4


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