Alamo Snow



We’d go off       a huntin’         for Alamo Snow

Two friends     together          alter egos.


We two       together                off we would go

Scraping and tearing             slow  over snow

over a landscape                     in  New Mexico.


We swore it together               and oh! we would Go!

Off on the search                       for Alamo Snow.


We two       together                 shucking through slow

I’d swear it was like that        two friends in tow.


No one to stop us                       No one dared show

off        in the whitescape         of New Mexico.


Two friends    too brothers     off we would wend

but that was a long time         such a long time ago.

We never would thought         that such time would end

but that was a long time         for Alamo Snow.






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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