From a Grain of Salt


The Written Word

is a Magical Thing;


Most Actions,


are Boring…..


From Action, some say,

    one lays claim to fame.


I’m sorry, but that smacks




In Words, which are written,

    Languages, spoken,

Concepts, Percepts, Ideations;

    in these! 

to me seems, 

    we create the Names.




William H. Bonney

    had nowhere to go;

but, Words

on a page

    made him legend.


When Written and Read,

real Words then get Spread

    through Language

    and mis-ideation.


Thus, then it flows,

    though sometimes

goes slow;


but then, changes

    in manifestation.


In One Life, adored;

    another, ignored.


All the while

true action




No One can know

true action and deeds,


    the legend,

well written,



No One Knows,

    Nor does One care;


but still,

best beware –


Such fine Words indeed:

Caveat Emptor, Heed!

    was Written by someone,




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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