Kuala Lumpur

Somewhere    someone
is wearing a watch –
Rolex fakes,  made in China! 
I bought them on market,
    in Kuala Lumpur;
but now they are someone’s
    else watches.
Kuala Lumpur,
    I won’t see any more –
a city in Penury’s pocket.
I witnessed a man
    on a sidewalk, with can;
he was cooking   something   inside it.
He didn’t speak;
    we needn’t talk.
We neither, 
    knew each other’s language.
But the look of his eyes
    spoke of comprise –
To Live, to survive,
    one day at a time,
was the most he could do and manage.
On somebody’s  arm
    there bears a watch:
A beaureaucrat, 
    who now cuts a figure.
But Pray!     
    Do No Harm,
to the man on the berm,
of the sidewalk,
    with a can,
cooking dinner.
©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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