Incorrigible Grammar


There’s a show on TV

  about women who rock,


and ‘They’ call ‘Them’

  rock star adventurers.



‘They’ are not ‘Them,’

  nor ‘Them’ are they ‘They,’


but the ‘Them’ and the ‘They’

  could be the same, 

in some way.


Demonstrative Pronouns

  demonstrate, too;


but Noumena get gatherers

  of dilettante flocks.


Demonstrative Pronouns?

  Well, no.  

They do not.


Yet, there’s always the exception,

  which makes the rule true.


Interrogative Pronouns,

  with them, what to do?


No need for the syntax.

  No grammar books,  too!


Just throw out the rules,

  when you Rock to the ‘Who.’




[Revised 5 March 2013]

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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