Bouillabaisse Nation



The two sides are vying,

  “foul” all the same,


casting aspersions,

  disparaging names.


Each follows a Dogma,

  holds each other to blame


for the problems we’re having;

  yet, they seem to gain!


A bouillabaisse cauldron,

  a Political game.


Two side, like children,

  in adults seem inane.


A stubborness rules here,

  in Idiot’s Domain.


Where everyone loses,

  is Phyrrically lame.


And all for the sake of

  the Winning of Game.


The Capitol and Nation,

  of inestimable fame,


now fall short of glory

  from Muckraking blame.


A Bouillabaisse Nation,

  all ‘foul’ is the same,


where political victory

  goes on all the same.






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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