But, That’s Not Legal, Is It?


For some, the aesthetic

  is physical attraction:


nice colors or features,

  top predilection;


a whiff, of some air;

  ‘It’s a Win, by a Nose!’


By tactile impressions,

  or the scent someone chose.


So far, so good;

  does that seem about right?


Actually, it seems like perfection.


It must be perfection,

  it’s made by selection –


The material witness

  is one of the senses.


And that makes a judgement



An empiricist will tell you:


  “Ideas?      Immaterial!

   an aesthetic?      a metaphysic

    in sheep’s wool.”


If such be the case,

  why can’t we then trace

an aesthetic

  by some other tool?


For some use mathematics;

  this, their pragmatics.

But math has be known

  to fool:


A simple heuristic,

  and used as statistic,

the sadistic science of rule!


Math, by majority,

  is seen as pejorative,

by the minority,

  which sees math as cruel.


So back to dialectics,

  where words are fantastic.

But they, too,  are just noumenal.


An aesthetic is something you feel,

while everything else is unreal.


Unless there’s a witness

from one of the senses,

then the aesthetic

will have no appeal!





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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