Blessed Be Uniquity


There are people

    who vie with people

to be like people,

    though not the same.


They are those who go

    to such great length

in search for themselves,

    and self-esteem.


Yet, still these people,

    they follow people;

and live their lives,

    like submarines.


Oh Lord! 

    Please help us!

Remove all distrust,

    from each of us,

who’ve lost the dream.


Be pleased to bestow,

    because we don’t know,

in truth that we grow,

    to separate beings.


No life, a same thing;

no need, comparing.


Let each one’s esteem,

allow to glow.



Each blade of grass;

all leaves amassed;


each one is one,

from all that’s passed.


Let each one become

in truth a self-one.


Let be no difference,

no special preference.


Let there be deference

for everyone.



Let it come

    to Pass!





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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