Allergic Reaction


It’s allergy season,

    or so I’ve been told,


and the people are falling

    in love!


There’s more to this sunlight –

    We’re tired of the cold!


And long since old Winter,

    we’ve turned off the stove,


Allergic Reaction

    is taking its toll.


Something went wrong.

    It must be I’m old.


When I meet a young girlie,

    she greets me with “Sir!”


I’ve never had such

    the respect, heretofore.


In three score years

    (okay! maybe more)


I find that more females

    are afoot and galore.


The older are colder,

    experience for sure,


but never the latter

    come out, anymore.


The young ones are fun ones,

    afire! oh sure,


but one of us both

    is a bit immature.


It could be its her,

    or me,

I’m not sure!



Now, I have my druthers

    in such kind of weather –


It’s rather, that younger

    I would soon be,


younger, than older,

    with these allergies.


But allergic reaction

    is taking a toll,


it’s taking a toll out

    on me.


The days are now longer,

    the girls have turned younger,


and allergy symptoms

    grown cold.


Oh well.  What the Hell.

    It must be I’m old,


But Allergic Reactions

    still hold.



©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

Revised 12 April 2014.

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