simple pansy

  beautiful flower;

in purple,

  else yellow,

or some other color:


what is your fancy?

what’s your desire?


I know.

you won’t tell me

  what sets you afire.


Ah! pretty pansy!

  so simple the flower:


your nonchalant fancy

  I do so admire.


two lives are passing,

  two lifes, this hour;

two forms of dancing,

  both of them ours.


the moment but seconds

  that doesn’t last long!

It preciously beckons,

  and then, leaves alone.


Oh! beautiful pansy,

  sing me your song.

life is but passing

  and then it is done.


what were our chances

  we will have had known

in moments romancing?

  then, Poof! little pansy,

it’s Gone.






[Revised 26 April 2013. MLW]

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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