The Old Indian of Santa Fe

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I still can recall the story, now old,
as clearly as just yesterday.

For context however,
and it to be told,
I must go back into time –
What year this all was, I can’t say.
I was merely sixteen, still young, a teen,
inclined rather deep in a young man’s own way
to a bad case of sheer naiveté—

As much, alas! as I still am today,
but this story will still have its say.
In the Land of Enchantment,
once upon a time,
at a trading post,
somewhere near Santa Fe,
my uncle and I stopped for some gas
and pick up provender one day.
There on the stoop sat an old man;
my uncle, he claimed to have known him.
“That old Indian,’ my uncle began,

“can remember each meal that he ate.”
“Any year?”
I asked,
“Any year.”

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