Those crazy things

  that young will men do –


worlds of dangerous


bombs and breakage,

 wreaking the wreckage.


Young men know not

  what they do.


I was one once;

  how about you?

Still a bit young?

  Okay then, skip you.


You must have some years

  under the belt,

before you can think

  it all through.


You must have some years

  experienced tears –

Calcification accrues.



A mother will hound you,

  completely surround you.

with a love you would wish

  to eschew.


The father will stay back,

  act like he’s laid back;

yet still, a father loves too.


And the young one in life,

  that you might take as wife,

be it one, be it two, or a few,


there’s the child that you sire,

 perhaps there’ll be others –

calcification most certainly



Before, then, you go off

  and do some young fool stuff,

Think! before acting

  what you do.


Think of your future

  and what there awaits you.

Think! before you do

  what you do.


Accept evolution;

  Avoid the delusion

immortality belongs to just you.


Some day, then look back,

  in some way, you’ll know that,

that one day,

  back when you outgrew


much of the nonsense

  that comes before prescience,

and you’ll know that

  calcification accrues.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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