Napoleon’s Waltz


Dear Heart, 

this is just crazy!

It’s crazy and wacky,

and so tacky, too.


It’s crazy to ask me,

and whacky as well.

It’s crazy and wacky

what you want me to do.


It’s not that I’m lazy.

Oh no!  I’m not lazy!

And it’s not that I’m Crazy,

what you ask me to do.


But really it’s tacky,

to think of me lazy.

It’s tacky and crazy.

And yeah!  Whacky, too.


It’s crazy to ask me.

It’s impossible, too!

It’s crazy to ask me

what you want me to do.


Now, Deart Heart,

It just might be, maybe;

but, still, it is crazy!

It’s crazy and whacky,

and impossible, too.


Now, what did you ask me?

What was it you wanted?

Was there something you wanted

from me to do?


It’s crazy I’m lazy,

and I’m real whacky, too.

But we’ve tackily made it,

and this waltz is all through.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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