Garden Day


It’s Garden Day

all across
Central Virginia!


And it comes
but just one day
per year.


It’s the one day
when the people,
of Central Virginia,


are out touring
all the gardens
of neighbors.


And who
are these people,
the people will greet,


but some other
of people,
in the gardens,
where they meet.


Because, no one,
on this day,

The Old Dominion,


no one
on Garden Day
will be home.


“Well, Hello there, 

Dear neighbor!”

My,  such pretty flowers!”


“Oh! Well thank you, 

Dear Sir,
but, they’re not, 

my flowers.


As a fact, 

Dear Sir,

I thought,

they were yours!”


“Oh, no, 


No they’re not,”
“In appears, then,

all these flowers

that we see, here,

Dear neighbor,

all the flowers

that are here
are not ours.”


Then each 

shall partake

of some small



Which is why, 


that Garden day

is but one day,

every year.







 [Revised 23 April 2013. MLW]

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

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